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Chemicals for every aspect of power plant operations

Thatcher has proudly serviced the power industry for decades. Whether it be coal, natural gas or hydroelectric, our wide array of products keep the power plants running at optimum efficiency. Thatcher chemicals are used in every aspect of power plant operations – boiler maintenance, pollution control and wastewater treatment. Our “keep full” program eliminates the risk of running out of chemicals and plant shutdown. Thatcher Transportation and logistics expertise ensure that your chemical deliveries arrive safely at your request.

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  • Aluminum Sulfate | Versatile Inorganic Coagulant
  • Aqua Ammonia |
  • Calcium Hypochlorite |
  • Calcium Sulfate |
  • Caustic Soda |
  • Chlorine | Packaged Chlorine
  • Citric acid |
  • EDTA Tetra Ammonium |
  • EDTA Tetra Sodium |
  • Ferric Chloride |

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