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Chemicals for every stage of the metallurgical process

Thatcher manufactures and distributes a broad range of cost effective performance mining chemicals and technologies. These solutions address pH control, filtration, and heavy metals removal in water and include mineral processing reagents, carbon, cyanide destruct and tailings management.  Thatcher Company is a a partner at every stage of the metallurgical process.  Our chemicals and experience supply the mining industry with the treatment options needed for economic extraction of America‚Äôs valuable resources.


Unique Mining Chemical Solutions

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  • Activated Carbon | Powdered and Granular Activated Carbon
  • Aluminum Chlorhydrate | Polyaluminum chloride
  • Aluminum Chlorohydrate | High Ionic Charge
  • Aluminum Sulfate | Versatile Inorganic Coagulant
  • Ammonium Bisulfite |
  • Antifreeze |
  • Barite |
  • Bentonite Clay |
  • Borax | Anhydrous, 5 mole & 10 mole
  • Calcium Chloride |

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