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Thatcher is basic in iodine products. Thatcher’s proprietary, validated processes produce unusually stable PVPI powders (USP and EP) and solutions (USP). It serves a number of leading pharmaceutical customers through private label manufacture of prep and scrub solutions, and private label PCMX scrub bulk solutions, for OTC, hospital, and veterinary markets. Thatcher also makes Triclosan products for the institutional market and has the capability of making Quaternary Amine Sanitizers. Thatcher also produces and brokers numerous food and USP grade raw materials utilized throughout the personal care and household care industries including: solvents (alcohols, ethers, ketones, aromatics), surfactants (betaines, hydroxysultaines, sulfonates, sulfates, phosphates, phosphonates), chelators (poly amines, phosphates, phosphonates), salts (phosphates, chlorides, nitrates, thiosulfates, hypochlorites), thickeners, and emollients.

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