Thatcher Company, Inc. and its Affiliates’ Response to Coronavirus

March 13, 2020

As the US and the rest of the world navigates the challenges and threats from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we at Thatcher Company, Inc. and Affiliates are committed to continue to provide the products and services that are critical to their business while at the same time protecting the health and safety of our customers and employees.  Thatcher Company, Inc. is confident that actions taken in the past, as well as ongoing efforts, secure the company’s ability to maintain continuity of supply to our customers during these challenging conditions.

Supply Chain:  Thatcher and Affiliates maintains redundant supply chains for all of our key raw materials, sourcing them from multiple, geographically separate, domestic and international suppliers.  These raw materials can be delivered to Thatcher production locations via rail, truck or ship.  With this infrastructure, Thatcher Company, Inc. is currently experiencing no shortages of raw materials.

Production Facilities:  Thatcher and Affiliates’ operational footprint includes 10 production and warehousing sites located throughout the US.  Each site is available to support critical customer needs.  Thatcher sites maintain multiple levels of personnel redundancy, ensuring operational continuity in the event of reduced staffing levels.

Logistics:  Thatcher Transportation, Inc. maintains transportation assets throughout the US.  These assets provide safe and reliable deliveries of Thatcher products to our customers.  Thatcher and Its Affiliates do not rely on Common Carrier availability for raw material or customer deliveries.

Employee Health and Safety:  Thatcher and Affiliates provides a comprehensive health plan and paid sick leave policy that protects employees financially in the event of illness.  These benefits are critical to minimizing the spread of illness as employees are not compelled to work  due to concern for loss of pay.  In addition, we encourage safe hygiene in our facilities to minimize the spread of illness.

Reinforcing and Practicing Good Hygiene:  Thatcher and Affiliates have implemented CDC recommended practices for personal and site hygiene at all sites and maintain local supplies of required PPE.

Financial Stability:  Thatcher and Affiliates are privately owned, self-financed companies.  This status allows them to operations largely independent of stock or capital market conditions.  This independence is especially important for our customers as we are not compelled by shareholders to increase pricing or cut expenses in order to retain market valuation during these challenging and turbulent times.

While no company is fully insulated from the impact of COVID 19, we are confident that our past and current actions secure our ability to maintain uninterrupted supplies of products, especially those critical to public health, to our customers As this situation continues, we encourage customers to plan ahead and forecast demand so that you can provide us sufficient lead-time to make your desired delivery dates.  Please consider keeping your storage tanks full or adding storage capacity where feasible to minimize deliveries.  Any flexibility that you provide with delivery dates, times and full truckload quantities will improve the support for all customers.

Our business teams are available to our customers, agents and suppliers to answer their questions with the best information available about the status of product deliveries. We are committed to being responsive, to providing exceptional service and to remaining connected during this challenging time.