Production Assistant/Technical Services Chemist Assistant

Location: Henderson, NV
Job Hours:      Swing Shift M-F 2PM-10:30PM

The Production Assistant/Technical Services Chemist Assistant is an Operations/Technical Services position that reports to the Plant Technical Services Chemist. This position is a dual-responsibility role that includes serving as a backup to the Technical Services Chemist (performing routine analytical chemistry testing of manufacturing components and finished products in the Thatcher Company Technical Services Laboratory) as well as providing production and plant Operations support, as needed, to complete batching, packaging and other material handling tasks. The position is anticipated to be a swing shift position, but shift hours are subject to change due to seasonal demand.

Full-Time, Swing Shift M-F 2:00PM-10:30PM   

Job Description

  • Perform routine analytical testing (SOP-based) on batches of finished products and manufacturing components.

  • Prepare written summaries of batch testing results.

  • Provide technical support during the development of new testing methods and procedures.

  • Assist manufacturing staff with production issues through batch testing and lab batch preparation.

  • Prepare written QA documents such as Certificates of Analysis or Certificates of Compliance.

  • Perform routine calibration of laboratory equipment.

  • Perform routine preparation and certification of standardized reagents.

  • When needed assist manufacturing staff with batch production/packaging/material handling tasks.

Desired Qualifications

  • BS in Chemistry, specialization in Analytical chemistry preferred, and an experience-based knowledge of chemical principles, chemical manufacturing processes, and chemical plant operations.

  • Demonstrated communications, organization and analytical skills.

Physical Requirements

  • Duties may require use of computer keyboard and mouse, and telephone;

  • Must be able to sit on one place for extended periods of time, but may also require some limited movement;

  • No heavy lifting required.

What’s In It For You

  • Benefit package including health, accident, life, and dental insurance plans.

  • Profit sharing/retirement plan which is 100% employer paid. It is second to none!